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Options Unlimited, Inc. supports adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to achieve independent, productive, and happy lives. 




We envision a world free from barriers, so people with disabilities can lead full and active lives in the communities in which they live.  Individuals will be provided the appropriate supports needed to achieve success in their residential, vocational, and daily lives. Services will promote integration into the community in a meaningful way, gaining access to the same opportunities enjoyed by all citizens.  



Core Values

Options Unlimited, Inc.’s core values are rooted in the belief that all services provided, whether directly or indirectly, promote the development of each individuals potential, to their greatest abilities.  By upholding these values, we enable our residents to DREAM IT ! 


D.R.E.A.M  I.T.


Dignity:  treating individuals as valued, equal citizens.


Respect:  treating each individual with high regard and esteem; showing him/her consideration and courtesy. Recognizing that individuals have the right to make choices for themselves, even if those choices are contrary to our own.  Honoring cultural differences and preferences.


Enthusiasm:  approaching situations with energy and a positive attitude; taking an active interest in the individuals’ growth, development, and personal happiness.


Advocacy:  actively supporting and promoting individual rights and interests.   


Mentorship: role modeling behaviors that demonstrate safe and healthy lifestyle choices; positive social interactions; good work ethics; and responsibility through meaningful experiences that provide opportunities for individuals that have value, importance and/or significance to him/her.


Integrity:  performing our duties to fulfill the agency’s mission at all times, whether working individually or as part of a team; whether supervisors are present or not.


Trust: the people in our care can rely with certainty on our integrity, the ability to care for them as people, and address their individual needs.

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